Sunflower & Poppyseed Rustic Flax-Focaccia

This recipe has fast become my new favorite. In fact, I’ve already made two batches in two days! I can’t wait to share this recipe with you…

Focaccia bread is a flat, oven-baked Italian bread which may be topped with herbs, nuts, seeds or topping of choice. Focaccia doughs are similar in texture to pizza dough, and usually consist of high-gluten flour, oil, yeast, water and salt. This recipe however, is free from flour, gluten, grains, dairy, sugar, and nuts! You are in for a treat. Continue reading

Homemade Doggy Treats “Italian Crunchy Munchies”

I know I haven’t done a post in a few days…I had a little incident with my iphone, which is what I use to take all my foodie pics. I accidentally ‘synced’ it to my iTunes (darn them) which erased all of my photos and data I had saved on it, all of which I can unfortunately not get back – I was devastated! Considering I had taken so many photos of recipes over the last month that I’ve yet to post, and now I have no photos with them, which means a major re-do! Oh well, I’m over it. I’d like to delete iTunes now and forever, but I’m scared that if I do so, it will take my whole computer with it. So anyways, I guess all I can do is to warn you – if iTunes asks you if you want to sync your iPhone – don’t do it, unless you’re prepared to loose it all!

Moving on! I do have a recipe for you. Actually, it’s more of a recipe for your dog than for you…
IMG_0628(this was such a funny photo shoot – Cash kept crouching then pouncing on the pile of treats, then taking off running as fast as he could then back again. It drove him a little crazy making him wait till the photos were over, so he was definitely well deserving of a treat by the end of it!)

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