Warm Salad of Spiced Chickpeas and Roasted Cauliflower

I made this spicy warm salad for lunch today since I was in a hurry and had less than 15 minutes to whip something together, so this recipe is super quick and simple, but equally as tasty and nutritious.

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Oven-grilled Guacamole

This is a little twist the standard guacamole recipes I’ve tried before… I’ve been loving the flavor that grilling adds to veggies, meats, fruits — anything really! So the thought came to my mind, why not Guac? Now, I oven grilled the ingredients for my recipe, however, you could also use a large non-stick pan to do the same, just make sure it’s got a little olive oil on it, and is on medium-high heat before you place your veggies on… you want them to get almost burnt. This is super easy to make – give it a try and let me know what you think!  Continue reading

Pumpkin Pie Batter Protein Shake

Ok, I’ll admit – I’ve been on somewhat of a “pumpkin” craze lately… and this is the third morning that I’ve made yet another version of my “Pumpkin Pie Spiced Smoothie“! Don’t get me wrong, that one was good – really good, but the last couple of times I’ve made this I’ve been on a mission to create a pumpkin pie batter – like, the real deal. Consistency, taste, everything – in a protein shake. This morning, it magically happened. I can’t even wait to post this, I’m so excited by the outcome, and would love for you to try it and leave feedback and let me know what you think! This was seriously outta this world, and could very well cure me of my “hot breakfast” habit – I don’t think I’d get tired of this! Not to mention, it’s way better for you than actual pumpkin pie (100% raw, no sugar, healthy fats as opposed to the bad ones, high in protein and an excellent source of natural fibers, vitamins and minerals!). 

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Smoked Balsamic Veggies and Lemon & Chili Chicken Skewers

I woke to one of the most beautiful summer days… not a cloud in the sky. It’s Waitangi Day today, which to me means the day off and the perfect weather for a BBQ feast! The marinades for both the veggies and chicken were superb – the flavors were sooo good! I’m a little embarrassed to admit it, but Cam and I ate this entire barbecue feast, as well as some leftover Creamed Cashew Cauliflower Rice (it was delicious served cold!). I will definitely be making both of these again – they were that good.

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